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manteniment maquinaria industrial





DATE: 11/10/2018

1ª Edition


The activity that MUNTATGES INDUSTRIALS PUIG-REIG, S.L. considers in agreement to the International Norm UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 is:


Mechanization of parts.

Assembly, transport, maintenance and repairs of all kinds of machinery.


At MUNTATGES INDUSTRIALS PUIG-REIG,S.L. we have reached, with time, a level of the first order of experience, of demand and of quality in the industrial sector. We provide and keep the upmost quality of our services and products, as well as their confidentiality, in order to satisfy our client’s needs.

The Management team define this Quality Policy and assume the responsibility of assigning the necessary resources, according to the agreed budget, and in accordance of the requirements of the Quality Management System as to reach the goals defined and planed.

Our policy gathers the following master lines:

• The relationship with our clients and providers is characterized by the cooperation and open communication; We are obliged to reply in a fervent and professional way to any need expressed by them.

• The client is the one to define the quality requirements and together we agree on the specifications so our products or services may satisfy them 100%.

• To abide by the current laws and normative.

• Always keep the commitment to the constant betterment.

• To become an established company with established jobs.

• To have available the human material and economic resources, as well as the adequate insurance for the service.

• To monitor that the equipment and installations guarantee the safety of our staff, as well as the respect of the environment.

• To identify and eliminate sources of errors.

• To keep up and expand all of our personnel’s training.


The Management team makes available this policy and puts it at any interested party’s disposal. It is kept up to date by periodical revisions under the Management’s framework of revisions, with the objective of taking into account changes in the environment’s conditions and the information gathered.



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